Me 21 Stone Plus - July 2010

Me  21 Stone Plus - July 2010

Thursday, 25 November 2010


Non Scales Victory, is a term used on the WeightWatchers Forum.  It describes a weight loss victory which hasn't happened because you had a loss at the scales. For instance, fitting into jeans that have been hanging in the wardrobe for goodness knows how long, someone saying 'Have you lost weight?'

I know the weight loss probably won't show on me until I lose about 3 stone.  However, I have noticed little personal things.  I put my bra on so I do it up at the front and then twist it round my  body, so the cups are in the right place.  This has been a struggle  because it's been too tight  around that part of my  body and I end up tugging the bloody thing.  Now my bras don't get caught and just skim round.  You don't know how that feels, no struggling, no tugging, no getting out of breath.

I will post my little NSVs here, when they occur and I'm sure the way I am going now, there will be many of them :-)

Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Some of you may have read in the national papers and in some magazines about the new regime that WeightWatchers has come up with.  It's called Propoints and it started nationally last week for online members and members that go to meetings.  As my meeting is a Thursday, I got to know all about it proper, last Thursday, so have been following that regime since then.  Won't know how I've done until this coming Thursday but I have eaten a hell of a lot and will be really disappointed if the scales go against me.  I have followed the plan religiously.  Fingers crossed for me.   Chris/Tina