Me 21 Stone Plus - July 2010

Me  21 Stone Plus - July 2010

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The Next Three Stone

I was a bit despondent when I stayed the same weight the other week and then the week after I didn't get on my Wii Fit, didn't track what was going in my mouth and was picking, when I don't normally.  Surprise, surprise, I stayed the same again. I hadn't even updated my blog for two weeks.  The problem is, I don't look any different and I find that disheartening. That is the reason I haven't put any up to date photos on here.  I still feel very strong and my motivation hasn't left me but I felt I was on a slippery slope.  

This post is to keep me going and I need you all to comment and keep me going as well.   I have just done an hour and a half on my Wii Fit, including muscle and yoga exercises, to get my waist looking like a waist and not like a tyre.  I've been tracking my food and staying within the Propoints I'm allocated so hopefully should see a better result on the scales this week.

At the last weigh-in, I was 3.5lbs away from losing 3st.  This thread is going to motivate me to the next three stone. 

I will still keep my 'NSV', 'My Mini Goals', 'Wii and Exercise' and 'Christine's Weight Loss Journey' threads updated, so keep looking.

Thanks to those who look in and comment when they see me and a very grateful thanks to my darling sister Paula (Paus), who posts every week with support.