Me 21 Stone Plus - July 2010

Me  21 Stone Plus - July 2010

Sunday, 9 January 2011

My Mini Goals

I think setting small goals and reaching them is a big help towards getting to my main goal.  So here, I am
listing my mini goals to reach from todays date.  As I reach one, I will add another.

In no particular order, my First Quarter Goals are:

10% loss of start weight by 3rd February
Another 1 stone loss by 3rd March
Reach 'Rocket Fire' in Boxing on my Wii Fit
Practice Hulahopp and Steps to reach 2 stars or more on Wii Fit
Get Wii Fit age down
Get my clothes size down to size 20 by end of March
Up Jogging to 5 minutes, and aim for 'Rocket Fire'
BMI into 30's by end of January

If I am successful in one, the rest will follow shortly after :-)

Can't wait to reach them all. :-)


Monday, 3 January 2011

Wii and Exercise

I got a Wii Console and Wii Fit Game and Board for Christmas from Les and just love it, although it doesn't seem to love me.  I'm dying on the sofa after doing a jog or boxing and it tells me I'm a diminishing fire.  After a jog, it takes me about 10 minutes to recover before I can do anything else!  Also it tells me my Wii Fit Age is 75.  How is that for demoralisation, still I'm young at heart -  lol

Also got Michael Jackson - The Experience, which is a Wii game, where you follow Michael's steps to his songs.  I love it and sometimes it comes up as good but most times there are just crosses, which means useless.   'Good' means:  'not bad but could be more energetic' and there's me having a break half way through Billie Jean and gasping for breath. - lol

I've had a cold since coming back from a New Year get away, so haven't been on it for a few days but tonight, I plan to have a go, as my head is clearer tonight.

I'm going to try and be better than an diminishing fire and get my Wii Fit Age to what it should be or lower.  Keep looking in to see how I'm doing ;-)